two years

We celebrated the shop’s second anniversary last Friday. I didn’t expect it to be the vortex of emotions that it was. Anniversaries seem to call for reflection on where you were the year before, and the year before that, and my life is so dramatically different from when I first started the shop that I couldn’t help but be overcome with feelings. Lots of feelings. Feelings leaking out of my eyes.

{flowers from a friend}

It comes down to gratitude, mostly. I was simultaneously so humbled and so proud (contradictory, but somehow accurate) to see everyone who came out to celebrate with me. I don’t know how else to describe it other than to say it meant so -fucking- much. I told myself I’d be happy if it ended up just being a party with my close friends, but tons of folks—customers, neighbors, old friends, new friends, internet friends—took the time on a busy Friday night to stop by, give me a hug, and cheer me on. The night was a blur, but I remember all of you who showed your faces and I thank you. I am at your feet.

It’s been a trying year in myriad ways, to put it mildly. Life happens and the road down which I’m being steered is pretty wild. No doubt I’m a motivated and ambitious lady, but nothing has propelled me forward this year quite like fear. And I’ve learned no bigger lesson than to know that fear, when paired with action, can be a good thing.

Look at me, growing.

I have hardly any pictures from that evening of anything or anyone. It’s actually kind of nice since it forces me to rely primarily on my sparkly, happy memories of which I have plenty.

{photos swiped from Katie Hintz-Zambrano and Kate Koeppel}

I did make damn sure to get a photo of me and Danny Bowien though, which was a highlight of my night. I like to pretend he showed up specifically for the party, but he seemed more to have wandered in out of curiosity. I’ll take it. I kept things pretty cool until he came back later with a bottle of Booker’s, at which point I fangirled big time. I’m a weenie.

Two years! I’m doing it. I’m nowhere near done, but I’m doing it.


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