two more days

Two more days til the shop is closed for Christmas. I think I can make it! The shop closes at 2p on Christmas Eve, and I’m pretty sure I will collapse from exhaustion at 2:01. Ah, the life of a shopkeeper.

Kate and I hosted our final Skill Exchange of the year last week with Jonathan of Pastoral Plate. It wasn’t so much of a workshop as it was a discussion of his CSA program, of how and why it came to be his passion project. Lots of questions, lots of answers. He’s great fun to listen to. There was a tasting of lamb stew as well, made by Jonathan’s wife, Deb.

All photos below swiped from Mi Piace Kate Design’s blog

Kate and I are excited for our second round of Skill Exchanges starting late January. We’ve both learned a lot from our first round of workshops – ideal class size, popular topics, how to run them more smoothly, that kind of thing – that will hopefully mean better things for workshops to come. I’m grateful to everyone who participated in our skill exchanges so far, for being our guinea pigs. :)

And…I’m really looking forward to closing the shop from December 25-29. I love Christmas! The plan is to reopen on December 30 feeling refreshed and energized. And then to tackle big plans for the shop in 2012!

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