twenty eleven

Happy new year, everyone!! Every year, I get so excited at the idea of starting fresh, of setting new goals for myself (I’m big on resolution-making — the resolution-keeping part is something I’m working on).  I have yet to decide what to do for this year, since I’m still recovering from the last few months!  I might give myself a freebie this time around and just play it by ear. :) Something very exciting happened yesterday, which was that the article on P+P published in the Chronicle!  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year, and I’m so grateful that the Chron is highlighting small businesses like lil ol’ Pot + Pantry. I feel so lucky. The shop was closed on Jan 1 so that I could recharge for a bit.  We went on the Behind the Scenes tour at the Academy of Sciences, which was the nerdliest kind of fun (my favorite kind).  We lunched at The Moss Room, where I admired the porcine paper clips…

…and I made the healthy choice of the Blue Lake Bean Salad over their burger and chips.  Of course, the salad also came with grilled pork belly, poached egg and fried capers, but I’m pretty sure those were all low fat. 😉 There was a neat (fake) igloo where they showed a movie on the Aurora Borealis and a “snow” machine pumping out snowflakes.

And I saw this little guy chowing down on lettuce, who is now my inspiration to eat more veggies.

In shop news, I’ve now launched a small online store for you to peruse some of my currently offerings!  There are quite a few more products to be added, which should be up by end of week.  And there will be weekly updates to the shop after that!


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