three days and a thank you

Three more days until our re-opening! We’ve been working more or less around the clock to get things ready and it’s looking great! Much more still to be done, of course. But at this moment when I’m feeling exhausted and sick (my voice is gone, completely gone! how am I going to yell at UPS with a whisper?), I’m feeling especially grateful for the help I’m getting in executing my vision for the new and improved Pot + Pantry. It would absolutely, definitely, without a doubt not be possible without the help of my buddy Rick Hubbard at hubbardfoss. Some of his beautiful past work below, to give you a vague (hopefully titillating) taste of what’s to come at 593 Guerrero. From the bottom of my puny little heart, thank you, Rick and friends!

I’ll have more details to share tomorrow about Thursday’s opening party!

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