this week

And it’s Friday again. How does that happen?

Some fun things this past week. Sharon Ardiana’s workshop on making cavatelli last night blew my mind, and also the minds of all attendees, I think. She’s such an engaging and charming speaker, sharing personal anecdotes and taking some of the mystery out of making fresh pasta. I love meeting hardworking, successful people who are still incredibly humble, and Sharon is all that and a bag of chips (can you tell I’m a child of the 90s?). What a role model. And the cavatelli, oh man. Once it hits your lips, it’s so good! I’ve been to Gialina a few times, but soon (very soon) I’m going to make it over to Ragazza to enjoy more of her food.

Photo of the workshop from Julia

Some other snaps from this week. Business cards printed by my buddy James Tucker of The Aesthetic Union. So fresh.

Trying to clear some shelf space in the shop, so I made this chalkboard “menu” of Le Creuset items. Turns out I quite enjoy painting/drawing signs.

And here are two very sweet things that happened this week, which is why I love doing what I do. First, a customer saw the popover pans we carry and we got to talking about recipes, and how popovers are basically the same as dutch pancakes. I shared with him the utter failure of my dutch pancakes the one time I tried to make them, and he promised to send me a fail-proof recipe. People don’t always do what they say (even with the best of intentions, and I can’t blame them), but look what I got in my inbox the next day: a handwritten, illustrated recipe! So nice. Thanks, Marcus!

And then I got a lovely package in the mail from Mary, who’s on the board of 826 Valencia. She thought I would love both the story and design of this book they did in partnership with Miette, and she was right. I was so touched. Thanks, Mary!

Got some fun things planned for later this month with a certain pastry chef. I’m excited!

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