thirty came early

My 30th (30th!) birthday still isn’t for a couple weeks (waaaah), but my husband threw me an early surprise birthday party this past weekend to really…surprise me, I guess. And it worked! I’d known he was up to something, but it never crossed my mind that it was for my birthday because *why* would he make me celebrate my 30th before I absolutely had to? Because he’s evil, basically.

¬†Yup, we’re that couple who plans {surprise birthdays for each other}, simultaneously.

After the initial resentment of being forced to prematurely celebrate my 30th (I’m being a brat about it, and I’m not sorry), I looked around me and felt so happy that my various circles of friends came out for me. To match the great company, husband ordered catering from {Namu}, one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and my birthday cake from {Pinkie’s Bakery}. I ate as much as I could and then some, since I’m expecting my metabolism to come to a screeching halt any second now.

And now, I dare say I’m actually a little, teeny tiny bit, excited about the coming year. Very excited. :)

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