the year in food

Sometimes I toy with the idea of incorporating some kind of food blogging into this Pot + Pantry blog (as can be seen here + here), which then makes me realize how much harder food blogging is than it seems. It’s, like, really hard. And just when I was thinking that, hey, maybe I’m not that bad at taking food photos and writing about them, along comes this gem in my inbox to shut me right up:

It’s a blog called {The Year in Food}, written by a lovely Pot + Pantry customer named Kimberley. Above is her photo of her {Radicchio, Cara Cara Orange and Quinoa Salad} – with a pair of oil + vinegar cruets she bought from my shop in the background! I’m kind of upset with myself that I didn’t know about this blog sooner.¬†Kimberley’s posts are full of delicious-looking recipes and eye candy which are not only beautiful, but useful as well. Take, for instance, her {monthly seasonal food guide} below. Personally, this kind of thing helps me tremendously, because although I have a list of seasonal produce items stuck on my fridge, it really helps me to refer to a visual image like this before I head to the grocery store. Plus, it’s really cute that she included chocolate as a seasonal food item for February. :)

Her archives go back to 2009, so it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do… Thanks for sharing your blog with me, Kimberley!

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