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Working on my window posters was a really fun, new kind of project for me. I’ve never before taken my “artwork” (more like doodles) and turned it into merchandise, so it required a bit of confidence building and prodding from friends. It was a lot of I-love-it-I-hate-it-no-one-will-buy-it-do-you-like-it-OK-fine-I’ll-give-it-a-shot for basically, like, the past 4 months.

One of the surprisingly difficult aspects of making the posters was just choosing the color palette. I love color! How am I supposed to choose just one or two or three? But since Julia Child is a goddess of cooking, it was easy to decide to stick with colors inspired by food, colors that make me hungry. As I went down the Pinning hole one day, I came across these two images and it clicked. Aubergine and Red, done.

(left, right)

If I hadn’t worked at Hello!Lucky in my former life, I probably wouldn’t know anything about letterpress printing other than that it can be kind of pricey. But, of course, working in a letterpress studio opens a girl’s eyes to all the labor involved in such a craft, the precision and time it takes to make a seemingly simple printed piece. So, when it came to producing my “art” (I will likely never *not* use quotes around that word in reference to myself), there was no question that it would be in letterpress.

My first plate, ready to go! Photo: Boon Design

And, lucky me, I knew just the guy for the job. My pal James of The Aesthetic Union worked his magic and brought my windows to life on paper!

Couldn’t have done it without you, J! Many thanks also to Brian of Boon Design for helping me with the process of translating my window drawings into print.

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