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Anyone who’s visited the shop has probably heard me say that I love all my merchandise as if they’re my children. They’re all special to me, I can’t pick a favorite, and OK, I get a little bit sad when a particularly unique piece goes home with a new owner. Reading that over, I realize I may have some deep issues tied to all this, but – glossing over that for now – I currently do have a few new items that I’m a smidge more excited about than others at the moment. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly of {eat make read} while she was out here visiting from New York. She stopped by the store and gifted me a copy of her magazine, {Remedy Quarterly}, which I promptly devoured (figuratively, silly!) and immediately picked up to carry in the shop online and in-store. The mission: “RQ is an independently published magazine of food stories with recipes at the heart. We love that food is a common language and drew inspiration from community cookbooks. While some of the recipes in Remedy are delicious, we’ve also got some that make better (and funnier!) memories than meals.” The fourth issue, which is what I have in stock, offers stories of celebration and it’s really something special.

In terms of edibles, I’m so excited that I’m now carrying a small selection of {cocoa} chocolates. These brilliantly tempered paves of dark chocolate (70%) make for a sophisticated treat, and they’d be pretty perfect as a mother’s day gift. You can pick up 16-pc boxes of Natural or Rose scented chocolates at the shop.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, only 5 more days until our walk-in custom tea-blending workshop!

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