the gift guide that never was

I was planning to post more gift guides (i.e. gifts for the Mexican food lover, the baker, the sweet tooth, etc), but this week I’ve kind of gotten swept up in, you know, work. So instead, I shall point you in the direction of this lovely gift guide on Poppytalk. It’s got all sorts of goodies I would have recommended myself, but didn’t. Like this:

And these:

See what I mean?

{Times like this I wish there were a word that accurately captured the sound of cat-calling. Maybe one of those onomatopoeic things. Because I’m cat-calling the heck out of those teapots.}

But although I haven’t had time to make a gift guide for the various food lovers in your lives, I did make time to create a gift guide for my husband. About what to get me. 😀 There is but one item in that guide, and one item only:

The Tell Tale Society bag. Fingers crossed!

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