that was a doozy

What a weekend. I don’t even know where to start. To everyone who is affected by the devastation in Japan, my heart is broken for you. My friends and family there – along with those of my closest circle – are thankfully safe and sound, but those who weren’t as lucky are not far from my thoughts. I hope the world can rally to help stop this avalanche of disaster and tragedy striking Japan. In light of the earthquake and tsunami aftermath, it feels odd to be “business as usual” here at Pot + Pantry. Back in my small bubble, things were quite busy and fun this weekend, due mostly to the Groupon deal going on. It was exciting for me to meet so many new visitors and customers, who seemed equally as excited to be discovering my little shop. Thanks to all who purchased coupons, and thank you even more for visiting! The surge in new customers, naturally, meant that some of my inventory is depleted — apologies to customers for the inconvenience. Tomorrow, not only will I be back in stock on pepper mills, cutting boards and etcetera, I will also have a few more vintage cookware pieces on hand.

A mishmosh of Colorcast and Dansk

I’ll try to get better photos of these items up in the online shop for those who’d like to see exactly what I have before making the trip to the store. That’ll probably happen by Thursday (fingers crossed).

Lastly, this Friday, March 18, the store will be closed because I will be attending my childhood friend’s wedding festivities! I’ll try to post a daily reminder leading up to it, as well as note it on the “about” section, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp…and everywhere.

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