sour grapes

I managed to buy the world’s most disgusting green grapes from the sexy new Whole Foods on Haight last week. I usually like to pack upwards of 10 grapes in my mouth and bite into them all at once (I usually do this in private, yes), but the odd texture and utter lack of flavor of these sucky grapes made that impossible. So, as the saying goes, “when Life gives you nasty green grapes, make green grape pie.” ¬†Behold my masterpiece, in all its sallow glory:

Mind you, I forgot to add any butter and I used store-bought crust (don’t judge!), but it still came out tasting pretty good. And, although I more or less used the recipe from Mac and Cheese, there’s a slightly more inspired version up at The Kitchn that uses elderberry flower syrup. It’s not the prettiest pie, but sometimes ugly food tastes good, too.

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