skill exchange lineup!

I’m headed to San Diego this weekend, so I’m being lazy and re-posting from Kate’s blog. Check out our extended calendar below!

Urban Veggie Starts SOLD OUT!

A Beginner’s guide to winter container gardening

October 13th 6-8PM

Sightglass Coffee  Tickets still available! SOLD OUT!

Home coffee brewing with Sightglass Coffee

October 22nd 12-2PM

Sidesaddle Kitchen Tickets available soon

The non-hippie guide to raw vegan desserts

November 19th 12-2PM

Town Cutler  Tickets available soon

Knife sharpening with Town Cutler

December 1st 7-8PM

Fire Escape Farms  Tickets available soon

Herbs 101

December 3rd 12-2PM

Pastoral Plate  Tickets available soon

December 15th 6-8PM


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