sightglass home brewing workshop

They’re laughing with me!

Part deux of our Skill Exchange with Mi Piace Kate Design happened this past Saturday. Our last one before the big moveSightglass Coffee’s Archie was a most engaging instructor, and props to him for grinning through the unseasonably warm day to brew 5 different types of hot coffee for us pupils. He went through common mistakes home brewers might be making that would negatively affect the taste of their coffees, including using water that’s not hot enough and grinding beans too finely or coarsely. No attitude, no judgment – just helpful Q&A and silly (albeit unintentional) joke-making. Good times. All photos are courtesy of the lovely Miss Kate. I need to stop being a lame-o and remember to bring my own camera with me next time!

Our next installment of the Skill Exchange Chronicles is going to be with Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen, a producer of “vegan, raw, not gross” desserts (her words!). I’m no vegan, but I’m actually pretty stoked after watching her totally charming introduction video. Girl crush alert! Her workshop will be on Saturday, November 19, and while tickets aren’t available yet, they will be soon enough on November 4th at 10am.

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