rice krispie “curry”

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I like to fancy myself an arbiter of good taste, but all bets are off when it comes to desserts or, more specifically, theme-party desserts. Whether it’s a cake shaped like a turkey for a Thanksgiving party or a dessert shaped like a hamburger for a burger cook-off or, most recently, a bowl of rice krispie treat “curry” (above) for the curry cook-off we hosted last weekend, I love being the tacky punchline at the end of a good meal.

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The best part of it is that everyone expects something so goofy to taste like crap, so the bar’s set really low. And then *BAM* you hit them with a surprisingly tasty dessert that’s delicious AND fun. Everybody wins.

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The rice krispie thing, for example, was made with the good stuff from Whole Foods like Guittard chocolate and all natural marshmallows, because I’m a grown up. Anyway, it was a fun party. As cook-offs go, I highly recommend making curry—everyone can cook it ahead of time, and all you gotta do is heat it up and serve. We’ve done a dumplings contest, and before that hamburgers, and all the prep and on-site cooking just takes forever and gets real messy. Consider me a cook-off savant.

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