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This weekend was crazayzay. You’ll notice from the appearance of the online shop that a lot of my inventory got cleaned out. Yikes! This is totally awesome (thank you, customers, for shopping!), and also means that I will need to hustle to add more, more, more products soon. But, not today. Because today is my day off and my brain hurts. Although, my new resolution to cut back on (and ultimately quit) drinking coffee probably has something to do with that.

Since this caffeine withdrawal renders me pretty useless for the moment, I thought I’d share with you a website called They Draw & Cook which I got wind of from one of Rena’s tweets. It’s a website of illustrated recipes submitted by various professional and amateur artists. I’m particularly charmed by the recipes from Emilia Dziubak (images below are linked).

Watermelon soup sounds pretty refreshing and tasty, doesn’t it? I bet it’d be pretty amazing churned through an ice cream machine, too.

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