meat madness

What a weekend! I slept 10 hours last night and I’m only partially recovered from Friday’s opening of Alyson Thomas’ Meat Market art show. It’s funny now to think that on Friday at 5:55pm, Alyson and I were nervously staring at each other saying, “I think for sure 30 people will come, maybe 35, but definitely 30 people, I dunno,” when, by the time 8pm rolled around, we’d both lost count at around 100 attendees. Insanity, especially when the shop is only big enough to comfortably fit, like, 6 people at a time. I think it’s safe to say that “meat art,” as niche as it seems, has a very strong following. And now I will stop with the words and show you pictures of amazingness.

The shop window

A visit to P+P to see the titles of the 4 pieces on the left is in order.

4505 chicharrones, Alyson’s homemade bacon caramel corn, my homemade “bacon” sugar cookies


A glamour shot of my cookies served on a {pig cutting board}, of course. Instructions for the cookies are at {Eleventy}.

Kai of Nosh This dealing his bacon crack

I’m a ham, I can’t deny it.

The artist Alyson in the eye of the storm

I just realized I didn’t get any photos of the {TomKat} food truck that was parked further up the street. Oops! Their {menu} for the evening was delicious. I recommend hunting down their truck to get a taste.

Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks for all the press, and thanks to Alyson and Steve (the Drywell duo) for a dynamite event! Alyson’s artwork is up in the shop until Friday, May 27.

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