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Back in—oof—October 2013, I hosted the second meetup of my cookbook club, adorably nicknamed Taste Buds. We made recipes from Cooking with Dog, which was a great idea (very amusing) and also a terrible idea (bad recipes). Then I kept putting off writing about it, then I lost all the pictures from it, and now here we are in 2015 with nary a peep from me on this blog since then.

After closing the shop earlier that year, I was burned out on the whole kitchen thing—and especially burned out on the retail thing—and I told myself I wouldn’t keep it up if it felt forced. If I were going to pick back up on this, it had to be for fun. Simple as that. So I moved on, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. In the almost two years since the shop closed, I took a stained glass class, I learned how to swim, I made an illustration for a my first art show ever, and I got a job I love at the only place I wanted to work. And now, after all that, I feel whole again. So here I am.

I’m not sure what this means for Pot + Pantry, to be honest. My world is a little bigger now, meaning my interests are less wholly food and cooking-related than they used to be, so I guess I’ll need to figure out if it makes sense for me to share all of that here. I do plan to pick back up on my cookbook club hangs and write about them here, and I’m tinkering with the idea of the occasional online pop-up store with limited edition this-and-thats,* though this one’s a big maybe. So, we’ll see. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun.

On that note, I hosted my third ever Taste Buds meetup last night, which revolved around cooking recipes from The Great British Baking Show, aka THE BEST SHOW EVER. Semi adequate recap and poor quality photos to come soon.

*While cleaning out my storage closet recently, I did just find some prints, coasters, and magazines from the shop, so if there’s interest, I may have an online yard sale type of thing. Is there interest? Let me know.

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