it’s coming

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Ready yourselves! For those who choose to woo with chocolate, Pot + Pantry now carries Hooker’s Sweet Treats (it’s not what you think): sea salted, dark chocolate-covered caramels made locally in the Tenderloin. They are fantastically luscious with the perfect texture — enough chewiness to leave no doubt that you’re eating a handmade caramel, but not so sticky as to wrap themselves around every nook and cranny in your teeth. They are my favorite, and I’m pretty sure they will get you lucky. Just sayin.

(Plus, come on, how much fun can you have presenting this to someone? “I got you some Hooker’s for Valentine’s Day” would be just the tip of the iceberg…) And if caramels aren’t your thing (even though they’re everyone’s thing), the sweet ladies behind Sweet Constructions have a special {Valentine’s Cookie Assortment} available in addition to their regular offerings (Mini Cupcake Boxes and Mocha Ganache Brownie Bites, to name a few). Better yet, you can pick up your Valentine’s orders at Pot + Pantry! ¬†Orders must be placed by Thursday, February 10, for this option.

I want that. Don’t you?

Get some! And then “get some.” (I thought I was so clever when I said this the first time on {Twitter}, so I thought I’d say it again here).

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