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We had such a good run of awesome weather the last week or so that I was asking no one in particular, “Where is my San Francisco, and what have you done with her?” because it was weird, just weird. Not to say that I didn’t love it (I did), but it’s so out of character for this normally grey-skied city. Well, the gloomy SF weather that I know and love is back, complete with hail! (And, yes, my naive Southern California-born-and-raised self did initially confuse the hail for snow. Really, really hard snow. I learn something new every day.) Which means once again pulling out the heavy parka I was readying to pack away deep in my closet. Poor me. It’s not as bad as the East Coast blizzards, but hey, everything’s relative. The point I’m trying to make with all my jabbering about the weather is that the one thing making up for this dreary wetness is INNA jam’s newest flavor, Ruby Red Grapefruit.

INNA jam’s photo

It’s beautiful. Tart, bright, not overly sweet (which is what I hate about most citrus jams), it actually makes me kinda glad it’s still winter since the glorious Ruby Red would otherwise not be in season. And it’s available now at Pot + Pantry, b-t-dubs! Come visit me at the store and buy some.

Did you know INNA jam also offers {annual subscriptions}? It’s a pretty sweet deal (pun totally intended!), especially if you like to gift jams to your friends in addition to eating jam straight out of the jar, as I do. And here’s the bonus – if you order a subscription, you can pick up your order for free in SF at Pot + Pantry. Free! So, jam on it, folks (another pun!)! Thank you, thank you very much.

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