hello, january

I hope you had – and are still having – a happy new year. I can’t say that I’ve fully recovered from the holidays yet. For some reason, I thought going to LA to visit family for a few days would relax me? No no no, wrong, I was wrong. It wasn’t relaxing in the slightest, but it was fun anyway.

We celebrated Christmas in my sister’s new home. She made a stocking for everyone, including my dog (Bbo-Bbo). She also made it no secret that she was a little more excited to see my dog than me, she loves that dog so much!

But, I guess, who can blame her.

The women in the family sat and made some mandu. Here’s a “before” shot. There is no “after” shot because I forgot to take one.

Then came quality time with the family decorating cookies. Per our annual tradition, we take bright icing and draw swimsuits on the gingerbread people, or sometimes draw them nude with their bits hanging out (picture not shown). I’m sure that’s totally normal and that all families do this.

And, of course, a holiday is not a holiday without homemade dduk guk.

That was the end of my Christmas, and it was back up to SF for new year’s eve. We celebrated in our typical fashion, which was by staying in and watching the LOTR trilogy. We’re party animals, I know! The next day, we hit the beach and then I made this noodle salad. It was a great start to the year – acorn noodles (my favorite!), veggies from our CSA box, pomegranate seeds, and my mom’s kick ass salad dressing. It was my first effort to fulfill my new year’s resolution (holla!).

In addition to the salad dressing, my mom asked me if there were any other foods I was craving that she could make for me to bring back up here. I mentioned that I like her pickles, and lo and behold:

TWO GALLONS of daikon, jalapeño, and onion pickles. I drove from LA to SF with two gallons of pickles in my car. Ah, moms and how they express their love.

Back at the shop, I was kind of at a loss for ideas for a new window display, but ultimately landed on the crazy idea to make piñatas shaped like Le Creuset and Calphalon cookware. Laura and I got to it and 18 hours later (yea that’s right, eighteen hours later) we had this:

Photo by Laura Miller

Good times.

I haven’t had a chance to reflect on 2011 yet, although when I do, I surely won’t do that here since that would be boring. But, as Pot + Pantry crawls further into year two of existence, I do want to say thanks to all the incredibly supportive people who’ve made it a point to let me know they want the shop to succeed. I can’t deny that these are scary times to be owning a small business, but the effort people made to shop local this past holiday is appreciated so much more than I can articulate. So, thank you.

Cheers to the new year, gang! We’ve got a lot up our sleeves for the next few months, and I can’t wait to share them with you all soon.

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