happy lunar new year!

I made a traditional Korean new year’s meal last night called {ddukguk}, which is a soup with chewy rice cakes, egg, seaweed, and green onion. (Also spelled tteokguk, I guess, although that spelling is so much more complicated than it needs to be…)

It’s eaten for good luck because the rice cakes are really sticky, and that has something to do with luck…or something. I forget the reason now. But for the texture of the rice cakes, think along the lines of mochi but twice as dense and chewy, half as sweet. It’s my fave. Actually, I lied, my favorite part of this soup is actually the egg “chiffonade”…you whip up a few eggs and pour a thin layer onto a frying pan, like a pancake, then roll it up and slice thinly. Ta-da, egg ribbons! Delicious egg ribbons.

I more or less used a recipe like {this one from Maangchi}, except I left out the beef brisket. Instead, I made the broth with equal parts water and beef broth, and then ground up some dried anchovies and let that simmer in the broth to add some depth. Mmm…umami.

After simmering, I strained out the fish particles so the soup wouldn’t be gritty. A small tragedy happened though, which is that – in my rush to cook, photograph everything, and eat before my stomach ate itself – I forgot to serve this with kimchi. I’ll repeat that for effect – I FORGOT TO SERVE THIS WITH KIMCHI. So shameful. So I’m going to do a do-over and make ddukguk again this weekend. And you can bet I’m going to eat it with kimchi as it was meant to be eaten! Happy lunar new year, everyone!

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