happy laskiaissunnuntai!

An online customer in Finland (yes, Finland!) mentioned that Sunday was Laskiaissunnuntai, which is a day that “everybody goes out and take sleds and have fun (there is approx. 50 cm snow everywhere). Afterwords everybody eat homemade buns with whipped cream and jam.” Naturally, I immediately looked into moving to Finland. After some quick googling, I learned that Laskiaissunnuntai is the Finnish equivalent of Shrove Sunday, the traditional celebration of which includes sledding (cute!). And the homemade buns? They’re called {semla}, and they look amazing.

{photo from IKEA, of course}

I told her even though I don’t celebrate Laskiaissunnuntai, I would glady make (and eat) homemade buns with whipped cream and jam anyway. In solidarity, you know. I haven’t yet landed on a recipe I want to try, but I did come across a nice writeup on {Serious Eats} that provides more insight to the history of semla and what it is.

I’m so cheesy, but I love learning things like this. And now, Finland is on my long list of countries I’d like to visit…

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