happy friday (or, i’m so excited)

We made it! The weekend is here, y’all. I’m super excited today for a couple of reasons… First, the Meat Market! The Meat Market!! I’m plugging the hell out of this thing, but it’s going to be so fun! Better yet, there’s more artiness and foodification (I’m making up words, I’m so excited) going on at {Fabric8} down the street for their opening of {Spring For Word}. So take a stroll down 22nd Street this evening and say hi to us both. Second! I can’t believe how totally oblivious I am sometimes, but my new penpal and neighbor Anne – aka {The City Sage} aka Executive Editor of {Rue Magazine} – clued me in to the fact that Pot + Pantry is mentioned in this month’s {C Magazine}. Say what? To borrow a phrase from Drywell’s Alyson, this is “crazypants.” I’m beside myself!

Turn to page 80!

Speaking of my neighbor Anne, things brings me to the third reason I’m excited today. She just put up the sweetest blog post about {Mother’s Day in the kitchen} and mentioned Pot + Pantry! I love how food, cooking and family memories are all tied together, and her post is a nice reminder of that. Thank you, Anne, and thank you, C Magazine, for showing some love for my shop!

On that note, have a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

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