greatest hits: the france edition


So many fantastic recommendations from friends, and even seventeen days were not enough time to check them all off our list. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back. :)

I considered writing lengthy posts to detail everything I did in Paris, and then I remembered that most people usually find other peoples’ travel experiences boring. So! I compiled my version of a “greatest hits” album and present to you in no particular order:

+ Fat Tire Bike Tour of Paris on our first day. Perfect weather, witty tour guide, major landmarks. So much fun.

+ Outstanding pastries and preserves from Blé Sucré, which was a mere block and a half away from our apartment in the Bastille and thus became “our” patisserie. I saw that they were included in this month’s Food & Wine! Good for them.

+ Rue d’Aligre, right alongside Marché Beauvau, the oldest covered market in Paris. Just ten steps from our apartment, we found ourselves there quite often.

+ The most expensive and most delicious figs I have ever eaten, along with the rest of loot from the market.

+ L’as du Fallafel, which was randomly closed the first two times we tried to eat there. Found success the third time, and it was so very worth all the trouble.

+ Cooking demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu, with our charming if not ever-so-slightly inappropriate instructor.

+ Fangirling at La Bovida and A. Simon and (not pictured) E. Dehillerin.

+ Amazing burrata at La Cantinetta in Marseilles. This entree was the beginning of the best meal of my trip.

+ Excellent, excellent, excellent chocolate and white peach scoops from Le Glacier du Roi in Marseilles. Best ice cream of the trip.

+ Pho from the famous Pho 14, which deserves its reputation. Don’t do what I almost did and eat at Pho 13 up the street. Tricky, tricky.

+ Charcuterie smorgasborg from La Taverne Henri IV.

+ (Half eaten) Breakfast at Rose Bakery. I lament that we didn’t get to eat here until our last day.

+ Breathtaking Monet masterpieces at Musee de l’Orangerie. My favorite.

+ The Eiffel Tower at night.

Ah, I’m nostalgic for it already!

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