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“Work Hard” by Anthony Burrill

The 22nd Street shop is officially closed for biznazz. I feel weird. And even though it seems stupid to feel overwhelmed at the idea of packing up a 180-sq-ft shop, I am that, too. Perhaps that’s because I have two million things on my to-do list for the new space? Something like that. But even though saying that makes me sound like a stressed out downer, mixed in with all these feelings of weirdness and anxiety is also a heart-pounding dose of crazy excitement for what lies ahead of me at Guerrero Street. I am running on pure adrenaline.

Adding to my excitement is my new contributor role for Rena Tom’s blog. My series is called “So You Think You Can Shopkeep” and my first post was published yesterday. Go read it! I have yet to dive into the meaty stuff, but my intro gives you an idea of what’s in store (pun totally not intended, but I love it!). I have to say, meeting awesome people like Rena is a major, major perk of doing what I’m doing.

I may not have many updates as I scramble around to get my poop together, but soon, very soon, I will announce the date of my re-opening/1-year anniversary party. Eek!

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