goodbye summer, hello summer

Hooray for holidays! The shop was closed on Labor Day, but that does not mean I didn’t work. More like *werk.* A group of folks got together for a backyard paella cookout, which meant weeding the garden to prep for fire-making. Then I spent the following hours playing sous chef to HBIC Max, slicing, trimming, blanching, hulling, chopping various foodstuffs. I sound like I’m complaining, but I actually enjoyed every bit of it. Physical labor is so gratifying and, oh, it was worth it.

Muy autĂ©ntica, amigos. Y muy deliciosa. Aaand that’s about all the Spanish I remember.

This same circle of friends holds weekly Sunday Suppers which I’ve been attending of late. I’m hoping to get better at documenting and sharing photos of those, and maybe even remembering to include pictures of people and not just food. Bad habits are hard to break.

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