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I'm tempted to ask Kate to rename this thing the Skillz Xchange. Good idea or great idea?

I spilled most of the beans in my newsletter last week, but tah-dah! Kate and I present to you the Skill Exchange Round II. We're waiting to confirm things with just a few more Skill Exchange partners, but we've Kate's gone ahead and added the majority of them to our Eventbrite page so you can take note. We've got firm dates and times with Red Circle Tea, Town Cutler, Urban Veggie Starts, INNA jam, Revival Bar + Kitchen, and Sidesaddle Kitchen. And have I mentioned there will be a few more workshops? Because there will be more, I'm not sure if I said that. Just a friendly reminder, you can subscribe to our Eventbrite RSS feed to automatically get updates, and tickets for each event are available 2 weeks before the date of the class.

We've switched things up a touch this time around, all for the better, of course. After the last round of workshops came to a close, Kate conducted a survey to find out from attendees how we could improve things. A lot of the feedback had to do with our small class size and how people wished we had more room per class. Kate and I talked about how we could remedy this, and…well, I'm swiping this next bit from Kate's blog, since it's the end of a long day and I can't muster the brainpower to state it as nicely as she has:

In response to the popularity of our events, and our small workshop size, we have decided to institute a $10 ticket reservation fee. Offering skills through free workshops has always been an essential part of this project, since we believe very strongly that these skills are valuable, and should be available to everyone.

This $10 ticket reservation fee doesn't mean we're changing our free workshop model, but we are working hard to ensure that we are able to serve as many people as possible. The goal of this fee is to cut down on no-shows, and late cancellations, to ensure that our classes are comfortably full and we can share these workshops with as many participants as possible. There is nothing sadder than a waiting list full of people, and a class only 2/3 full.

This $10 fee is fully refundable when you attend the workshops. Simply pay the $10 ticket reservation fee on Eventbrite, then check in at the workshop, and you'll be refunded online within 24 hours. No-shows, and late cancellations will unfortunately not be refunded. Yep! We're calling any no-shows "kind investors" in our project, and we'll put that money towards supporting our workshops with printing and other costs associated with giving valuable things away for free.

Every workshop listing on Eventbrite will now include all the details about our policy change, including an explanation on how to get your refund, so this will hopefully be an easy transition for everyone.

Pretty painless, right? Kate and I are really excited about this new series. It's going to be good.

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