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Laura and I met back in 2012. I had my first teeny tiny storefront on 22nd Street. The space was 110 square feet and I got, like, zero foot traffic until one day a young lady named Kate approached me about doing a series of events. We held free workshops in my shop, organized by Kate as part of her Skill Exchange program she developed while at CCA. In that small ass space, we hosted an urban gardening class, a coffee brewing class, cocktail making, and others I’m forgetting. Each workshop saw about 12 people willingly cram themselves into what was basically a closet, standing room only, to learn tips on some real hipster stuff. It was amazing.

Once I moved the shop to the larger space on Guerrero (it was like 300+ square feet!) that had a built-in kitchenette, we expanded the class offering. Kate went freaking nuts on the scheduling. There was knife sharpening, beer brewing, cheese tasting, a class on spices, pasta making, sausage making, and tea brewing. And then there was a class on raw vegan food taught by Laura. That’s how we met.

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We bonded quickly. We were both crazy broke at the time, with big aspirations but a lot of fear and nervousness about what the future held (some things never change). Fast forward to 2016 and it’s fun and amazing and trippy to see how far we’ve come since those days. Laura’s got a successful YouTube channel, a ginormous Instagram following, and a new cookbook coming out next month. It’s all happened so fast and it’s so exciting. Life!

One of the things I love about this woman—and there is a lot to love—is that throughout all the ups and downs and the ups and ups, Laura’s never lost sight of why she’s doing what she’s doing. She wants to promote better eating in order to promote healthier living, in order to promote more positive body image and general happiness. I love that she’s a real human being (she’s got a whole chapter in her book dedicated to eating your feelings, for crying out loud) and simply wants people to feel better about themselves. And she never forgets that.

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So sometime last year when Laura decided she wanted to sell some tshirts and asked if I’d do the illustrations for them, the answer was duh, yes. And when she told me that she wanted 100% of the proceeds to go to Movemeant Foundation programs that promote positive body image in young women through movement, I actually cried. Here’s a woman who’s dedicated herself to helping others make a positive change in their lives, and I get to have a part in it. My heart was, and is, full.

Now, here they are. The illustrations are based on Laura’s signature #froobs photos, which are goofy and cute but have a serious underlying message (just like Laura!). No matter the shape, size, or flavor (wait, what?), #AllFroobsAreBeautiful. Laura’s got a great post on her blog about the tees that’s worth giving a read.

I’m so proud of this project! So go buy one. Or actually, I hear they’re practically all sold out already, so go get on the waitlist for them when they’re back in stock. 😀 😀 😀


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