food: the perfect gift

Nope, this isn’t another one of my fantastic, mind-blowingly original gift guides guide. It’s a post to announce my pledge to raise 100 pounds of food (and $50 in cash) for the SF Food Bank this month! From now until December 24, bring in one can of food and receive 10% off your purchase. Better yet, this Saturday only, December 11, bring in 3 cans of food and get up to 20% off your purchase! Here’s how it works:

  • 1st Can = 10% off
  • 2nd Can = additional 5% off {15% total discount}
  • 3rd Can = additional 5% off {20% total discount}
  • 4th Can = a hug from me

To make it sweeter, there will be snacks and warm beverages to munch while you shop, and an opportunity for Saturday food donors to win a special prize! Various food carts will also make appearances in support of the event. Of course, everyone’s encouraged to donate as many cans as possible. Use the list below for a guideline of preferred food items (click to enlarge).

In addition to food donations, Pot + Pantry has also committed to raising $50 in cash for the food drive. For every $1 donated, the SF Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food! So please go to the Pot + Pantry team page to donate if you can. The SF Food Bank works tirelessly to feed those in need year-round, but they need an extra boost during the holidays. Read more about hunger in San Francisco on their site here. Thanks for reading this extra-special post, and hope to see you Saturday!

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