everybody’s doing it

Seems like everyone is putting out a gift guide this year, so I figured why not join in on the fun? For my first gift guide (ever!), I’ve gone with an Asian-y thing, for your favorite Asian food-loving friend, or just your Asian friend, period.

1. Artisan-Made Kishibori Shoyu ($14), found via Heidi at 101 Cookbooks, because fine Asian cuisine deserves better than Kikkoman. 2. Organic Mermaid Print Napkins ($24 for 2) by Katherine J Lee (a Pot + Pantry vendor, yea!), perfect for dabbing the corners of your mouth after eating Kishibori Shoyu-dipped sashimi. 3. Mother in Law’s Napa Cabbage Kimchi ($20 for 2 jars) because anyone who likes kimchi is a friend of mine. 4. ChabaTree Chopstick Set with Cat-shaped Rests ($26 at Pot + Pantry, in-store only) because they are just so dang cute!

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