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let me explain

donna rio theater

Back in—oof—October 2013, I hosted the second meetup of my cookbook club, adorably nicknamed Taste Buds. We made recipes from Cooking with Dog, which was a great idea (very amusing) and also a terrible idea (bad recipes). Then I kept putting off writing about it, then I lost all the pictures from it, and now here we are in 2015 with nary a peep from me on this blog since then.

After closing the shop earlier that year, I was burned out on the whole kitchen thing—and especially burned out on the retail thing—and I told myself I wouldn’t keep it up if it felt forced. If I were going to pick back up on this, it had to be for fun. Simple as that. So I moved on, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. In the almost two years since the shop closed, I took a stained glass class, I learned how to swim, I made an illustration for a my first art show ever, and I got a job I love at the only place I wanted to work. And now, after all that, I feel whole again. So here I am.

I’m not sure what this means for Pot + Pantry, to be honest. My world is a little bigger now, meaning my interests are less wholly food and cooking-related than they used to be, so I guess I’ll need to figure out if it makes sense for me to share all of that here. I do plan to pick back up on my cookbook club hangs and write about them here, and I’m tinkering with the idea of the occasional online pop-up store with limited edition this-and-thats,* though this one’s a big maybe. So, we’ll see. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun.

On that note, I hosted my third ever Taste Buds meetup last night, which revolved around cooking recipes from The Great British Baking Show, aka THE BEST SHOW EVER. Semi adequate recap and poor quality photos to come soon.

*While cleaning out my storage closet recently, I did just find some prints, coasters, and magazines from the shop, so if there’s interest, I may have an online yard sale type of thing. Is there interest? Let me know.

Pies and tarts

The recent discovery of The Great British Baking Show on PBS has added so much joy to my tv-watching life. I urge everyone to watch! The Brits have figured out how to take the douchery out of competitive cooking and the result is nothing short of delightful. Consider this a PSA.

announcement! we’re moving (kinda)…


It’s true! And it’s exciting!

After 2-plus years operating primarily as a brick-and-mortar shop, Pot + Pantry at 593 Guerrero Street will be no longer after March 24th.

I know. I KNOW.

A lot of boring reasons are behind this decision, but suffice it to say that I’m really looking forward to moving Pot + Pantry completely online. We are, literally, baking up a new website (mmm, lemon poppy seed flavor, my favorite), which you are getting a peek at above and on the splash page! As you can probably tell from the new look, my plan is to switch things up pretty drastically and take P+P in a new direction. You can follow the progress on the shop’s blog for updates as we lead up to the relaunch.

In the meantime, here are things you should care about:

BIG SALE! Now through Sunday, March 24th
All merchandise will be 30% off!* Shop fixtures will be for sale as well, so now you can buy that steel spiral staircase you always wanted. And that 2-ton concrete sink. Do it!
*This excludes the lovely, stunning, beautiful artwork by Kelly Waters that is up until March 21st. 

Bike Basket Pies Pop-Up on Thursday, March 21st
Natalie of Bike Basket Pies will be hawking her scrumptious, teeny pies at the shop for fun, and also to provide you with delicious snacks as you browse.

And lastly, I leave you with the recipe for the new Pot + Pantry website (coming soon!):

New Pot + Pantry Website Recipe

+ 1 part super duper adorable illustrations by Anna Hurley
+ 1 part web coding wizardry by the inimitable Max La Rivière-Hedrick of futureprüf
+ 1 part crazy ideas from a crazy shopowner (me)
+ 1 Tbsp lemon zest
+ 2 Tbsp poppy seeds

Mix all ingredients in a Google doc. Add to WordPress and serve hot.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, everyone, for the love you’ve shown to the Pot + Pantry shop—both at the original 22nd Street location and then at 593 Guerrero. The past few years of my life have been so much richer because of you, and there is no other community on earth I’d want to be a part of. I hope you can visit me at 593 location before I close its doors so I can thank you in person, and I’m looking forward to sharing the new Pot + Pantry with you soon.


true love

I came home on Valentine’s Day to find that my sister had sent me a care package. It included a ring pop, Hello Kitty Jelly Belly candy beans, a huge Toblerone, homemade heart-shaped cheddar crackers, and these:

Not pictured: Me, making the Domo “rawr” face behind the camera/phone. 

Sisterly love is a true love.

Happy Friday, and happy long weekend!

all the food that’s fit to paint

Hidy ho, friends!

You are cordially invited to the opening reception for All the Food That’s Fit to Paint by local artist Kelly Waters on Thursday, February 21st, from 6-9pm at Pot + Pantry.

I’m so pleased to host Kelly’s show, which features original watercolor paintings of local foods and notable dishes from SF restaurants. We’ll have snacks and booze available as you admire the pretty food art, reenact the Did You Eat It sketch, and discuss the merits of this old NYT opinion piece. Bonus: The first person to correctly recognize the dishes below wins a free fist-bump from me (value: $0.06). 

Tell your mama, tell your friends, tell anyone whose heart can comprehend. See you there!



springerles from kristin

I’m feeling kind of like I blacked out for all of the Fall/Holiday season and I’m just now coming to. It’s because, out of nowhere, this morning I remembered an email from Marcus (remember him and his lovely illustrated Dutch Apple Pancake recipe?) in which he sent me the recipe his wife Kristin uses for making Springerle cookies. Did I mention the recipe was sent to me back in *cough* October? Hence my comment on being semi-unconscious for the past few months. Seriously, how did I forget to share this? It’s fantastic.

Belated thanks, Marcus and Kristin!