busy bee

It’s been a busy week. Really, really busy. We had our first Skill Exchange last night with Urban Veggie Starts which was super fun. The evening was so unusually warm, so we set up the gardening demo outside on the sidewalk and had our small group gather around. And everyone left with a pack of lettuce seeds to get them started! Genius that I am, I forgot my camera, so I’ll wait til Kate posts hers and swipe them from her blog. ^^

In other news, I’ll now be a regular contributor to Rena Tom’s blog, in addition to five other fine business ladies! I’m excited to lend my “expertise” (yes, that’s a joke) on opening and operating a brick and mortar shop. It’ll of course all be based on my own personal experiences which, hopefully, others will find useful, too. If any of you are thinking of opening a shop and have specific things you’d like to see covered, shoot me an email and I’ll make it happen!

Also, it’s Friday. Hooray! Have a great weekend!

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