august so far

We’re knee-deep in August and I feel like I’ve only just begun to enjoy this SF summer. The season is fleeting, but my days have been filled with little things that make me smile.

In no particular order, photos from this past week: My first successful attempt at potting a plant, a gift from a friend, my new coatrack, discovering my new favorite burger joint (you GUYS, it has ruined all other burgers for me), the fruits of my first two ceramics classes, a preview of artwork done by Boon Design exclusively for p+p.

Oh right, and I demonstrated how to saber a bottle of champers as part of theĀ Skill Exchange at The Art of Fancy party put on by Makeshift Society, hosted at The Bold Italic (did you get all that? Heads up, there will be a pop quiz later). I was a touch nervous, if only because (1) I’d only sabered two bottles in my life before this demo and (2) I have a proclivity for social awkwardness. But my hamminess outweighed my shyness, and I made dirty jokes and gesticulated wildly and had fun doing the demo 6 times in a row. Someone even shot a video of my first demo of the evening, so you can spy my nervousness (and sweaty pits, ha! Told you I was nervous) here. Cute bowtie, right? All the Art of Fancy participants wore special ties made by Jenny of This Humble Abode, who demo’d how to tie a bowtie. Of course.

Other things I want to do before summer’s over: eat as much watermelon, peaches and cherries as I can; go on a long hike; make a terrarium; go camping. Nothing too crazy, but it’s surprising how difficult it can be to check little things off a wish list when one owns and works in a shop.

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