an adventure in pierogi

I made pierogi for the first time this weekend. It was also the first time I’ve ever tried to take photos of what I’m cooking as I’m cooking it, which is so much trickier than I imagined. Although, in my defense, pierogi is not the most camera-friendly thing to make. Kneading sticky dough, mashing potatoes, filling the pastry…it’s not easy to wipe one’s hands clean to snap a photo. These are all just excuses for my poor photography, of course. {Cough cough} Anyway, as I rolled out the dough, I realized I’d committed a major no-no at some point in my amateur home cheffing career, the consequence of which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but still not pretty.

Someone must have left this poor rolling pin to soak in water. What kind of horrible, stupid person soaks wood in water?! Oh, right. I was a bit sour over the split in my rolling pin, but my mood lifted as I started mashing potatoes, peas and cheese. It’s so fun.

My dough was a little on the sticky side, so filling the little buggers was kind of messy and they came out looking lumpier and more misshapen than I’d hoped, but what can you do.

They were ugly, but I loved them anyway. And ate every last one of them. Success!

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