a little happy dance

I blinked and suddenly we’re three days away from Christmas.  Is this for real?  January seems so very long ago, but at the same time the year seems to be ending so quickly.  It’s freaking me out!  Then again, I freak out every December, so… You will probably notice a new look to this here website.  Ta-dah!  Not the end of the road in terms of the P+P website, but finally something to look at other than a “coming soon” placeholder. Small victories, yea! And what would a P+P blog post be without some kind of tooting of my own horn? I know, gag, right? But it’s Mission Local! And it’s such a thoughtful write-up. It really describes Pot + Pantry perfectly. I look like a dweeb in the photo (gah, I hate photos!), but you can read the article here.

Thanks, Hadley!

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