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It seems like everyone I know is doing a juice cleanse of some sort lately, one they heard about from Oprah or Gwyneth or whoever. I wasn’t really considering following suit – I’ve been making green smoothies in my blender for a few years now, but I haven’t felt a particular need to juice – until I recently watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s fascinating. Stream it on Netflix, if you can.

My lazy synopsis: an overweight Australian guy ingests nothing but freshly made juice for 60 days, loses 100 pounds and regains his health. It sounds crazy, at the same time it makes total sense to me. As a 3-month old born-again vegetarian, I still have some doubts that I’m eating a balanced diet, especially in the protein department. And I still (surprisingly) encounter people who are closed-minded to the idea of a meat-free lifestyle. But I’m feeling validated after watching this film and, while I’m not about to subsist solely on juice for any amount of time, I’m excited to pack more nutrition into my daily routine by drinking more vegetables. Without getting preachy here about vegetarianism — I know it’s not for everyone, and also did I mention I fully intend to sample real French boeuf bourguignon when I visit Paris next month? Let’s not judge each other — the biggest takeaway from the film is that the formula for better health is pretty simple: we need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s certainly not new information to anyone, but with the uptick in eating local, organic and seasonal produce in recent years, it’s a timely reminder of our relationship to food and its effect on our wellbeing.

And now, I’ll get off my little soapbox here and change the subject. I added a few more things to the shop, including some fancy pantsy cookware pieces that are pretty spanking. There are some other pieces I need to add which will likely make it on the site next week. In the meantime, happy Friday and have a great weekend!

p.s. – The FARMcurious Pop-Up Shop is still up until August 7, so come by for cheesemaking kits and vinegar mothers and other DIY urban homesteady goodness!

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