a cool new collabo

Announcement! This fall, Mi Piace Kate Design and Pot + Pantry are taking a cue from the stars of hip hop and bringing you a new collaboration.

Kate Koeppel, of Mi Piace Kate Design, is partnering with me to offer collaborative skill exchange opportunities. Participants will learn new kitchen and making skills through workshops, demonstrations and tastings taught by local makers, crafters, chefs and gardeners. Our lineup of workshops is getting exciting… over the next few weeks we’ll start sharing the schedule on both the Pot + Pantry blog and on Kate’s.

The workshops will begin in the fall, but if you have a kitchen, garden, cooking or making skill in mind that you’d like to learn, stop in at the shop and post a note on our skill exchange board.

We’re taking suggestions, as well as looking for skilled makers to share their techniques and skills. If you have a skill you’d like to teach, or learn feel free to email Kate at mipiacekate@gmail.com┬áto start a conversation.

Come eat, make, share and learn with MPK and Pot + Pantry!

All photos courtesy of Miss Kate

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