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schmalentine’s day

roasted strawberry miso ice cream david lebovitz

We’re not big Valentine’s day people, Isaac and I. It’s not that we’re deliberately anti, but February 14 just kind of comes and goes like any other regular day. No special dinner reservations, no flowers, no gifts, no fun. (Just kidding about that last one. We’re lots of fun, all the time.)

Yesterday, however, was different. After meeting up with some of my best friends and their kids for a late lunch, we made our way over to another friend’s house for dinner and movies. The intention for these gatherings wasn’t necessarily to celebrate anything, but just to hang out, catch up, and eat good food. It was a full day of being surrounded by loved ones doing one of the things I love most—eating—together. So we accidentally celebrated Valentine’s Day, and what started out as a normal day ended as a really great one.

david lebovitz roasted strawberry miso ice cream

To top it off, I made David Lebovitz’s roasted strawberry-miso ice cream and it is crazy good. I’m not quite sure what led me to give it a try—I think the concept of dessert miso just sounded too weird to resist—but the result is a complicated butterscotch flavor in the base, punctuated with jammy bits of tart strawberries. It gets everyone scratching their heads and it’s great.

And then I made meringue cookies with the leftover egg whites. 😀 Happy Valentine’s Day!

boob meringue cookies chocolate chip