Monthly Archives: March 2015

got milk?

milk farm restaurant

Pulled off the highway thinking I could grab a bite here. Alas, all that remains is one heck of a sign.

Intrigued, I looked it up to find out more about what once was. All-you-can-drink milk contests for $0.10! Free pony rides for kids! Reasonably priced chicken dinners!

O Milk Farm, how I wish I knew ye.

yes and no

Finally read this article that’s been making the rounds. At a quick glance, I’m anti-a lot of what this guy schills for, but it’s an interesting read with a few good nuggets here and there.

Wansink definitely sounds like an oddball. I’m curious about his Taiwanese-American wife, too. Who marries someone that won’t eat their culture’s food? Dealbreaker.