Monthly Archives: December 2012

no tomorrow

No Tomorrow print by From the Hill

It seems wrong to let the year end without making some kind of note on this neglected blog of mine. Twenty-twelve, what a beast you were! I don’t know that I quite conquered you, but I put up a good fight. In the end, I think I came out slightly ahead.

I feel how I usually feel on most December 31sts, which is to say that I’m energized, excited, and anxious for the coming calendar year. I get this way with each birthday and anniversary I collect, too, so it’s nice that I get to feel this buzz multiple times each year. This time, however, the feelings are a bit amplified. It’s a good thing.

I’ve stopped making new year’s resolutions, since I’ve failed at keeping the majority of them over the years. (But I will take credit for continuing to make my bed every day, which is a resolution I made when I was way too old to be making such juvenile promises to myself.) So instead of resolutions, I have aspirations. Top of the list is to be more positive! (Note the exclamation mark!!) I’m not a negative person by any means, but I’m a pretty harsh critic, particularly of myself. So my goal is to take my typically morbid internal monologue and turn it into positive motivation.

The poster above? It’s kind of my unofficial motto for 2013. No tomorrow! Live for today! Carpe diem! YOLO! Basically, if I could find an equally attractive poster that said “F*** it! Do it!” I would have used that instead.

Cheers to 2013, everyone! Thank you for supporting me and p+p from near and far. I wish you all health and happiness in the new year!