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the making of

Working on my window posters was a really fun, new kind of project for me. I’ve never before taken my “artwork” (more like doodles) and turned it into merchandise, so it required a bit of confidence building and prodding from friends. It was a lot of I-love-it-I-hate-it-no-one-will-buy-it-do-you-like-it-OK-fine-I’ll-give-it-a-shot for basically, like, the past 4 months.

One of the surprisingly difficult aspects of making the posters was just choosing the color palette. I love color! How am I supposed to choose just one or two or three? But since Julia Child is a goddess of cooking, it was easy to decide to stick with colors inspired by food, colors that make me hungry. As I went down the Pinning hole one day, I came across these two images and it clicked. Aubergine and Red, done.

(left, right)

If I hadn’t worked at Hello!Lucky in my former life, I probably wouldn’t know anything about letterpress printing other than that it can be kind of pricey. But, of course, working in a letterpress studio opens a girl’s eyes to all the labor involved in such a craft, the precision and time it takes to make a seemingly simple printed piece. So, when it came to producing my “art” (I will likely never *not* use quotes around that word in reference to myself), there was no question that it would be in letterpress.

My first plate, ready to go! Photo: Boon Design

And, lucky me, I knew just the guy for the job. My pal James of The Aesthetic Union worked his magic and brought my windows to life on paper!

Couldn’t have done it without you, J! Many thanks also to Brian of Boon Design for helping me with the process of translating my window drawings into print.

pot + pantry summer newsletter

Hidy ho, friends!

Those of us who aren’t at Burning Man this year have something else to be pretty, pret-ty excited about. I’m talking about the Pot + Pantry summer newsletter, folks. Yeah! Way better than putting on some costume and sitting in dirt for a week, right? (Don’t answer that.)

While I’m taking a little break from store events for the moment, I’ve got a couple new products and collaborations that are finally ready to be unveiled. For one thing, I turned this:

 Into this!

 My hand-painted windows have been turned into these limited edition 2-color letterpress posters, printed on Holyoke Premium Cotton 280# letterpress paper in Bone. The exceptionally talented James Tucker of The Aesthetic Union printed these, and they’re hot off the (Vandercook) press just in time to celebrate sweet Julia’s 100th birthday. I’m pretty sure her favorite colors were Aubergine and Warm Red, which—oddly enough—are the colors of the posters. Fancy that! These 11×14 inch posters can be purchased individually for $40, or as a set for $75. Limited edition of 50 each.

 Local jewelry designer Molly McGrath of Molly M Designs and I also recently collaborated on a special assortment of coasters and trivets, exclusive to P+P.

Together, we came up with a custom design that’s a mix of modern and retro (I’m calling it ‘Mod Leaf’) which perfectly combines our two aesthetics. The bright and colorful coaster are $36 for a set of 4, and trivets are $28 each. They have been selling like hotcakes since we got them in last week, and we’ll be fully in stock by Friday. 


Are you ready to Party on Block 18? 

 It’s coming up soon on Saturday, September 29th! Put on your stretchy pants and eat your way down the street as Bi-Rite, Delfina, Tartine, Namu, Izakaya Yuzuki and more offer up goodies to benefit local nonprofits. There’s also a Pie Baking Contest for you non-professional bakers out there. Pies will be judged based on flavor  and appearance in the following categories: fruit, chocolate, nut and other (what does that mean? I’m as intrigued as you are). Entrants will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. For more information on the block party and to enter the contest, click here.

Enjoy the fleeting summer sun, everyone! Til next time.



august so far

We’re knee-deep in August and I feel like I’ve only just begun to enjoy this SF summer. The season is fleeting, but my days have been filled with little things that make me smile.

In no particular order, photos from this past week: My first successful attempt at potting a plant, a gift from a friend, my new coatrack, discovering my new favorite burger joint (you GUYS, it has ruined all other burgers for me), the fruits of my first two ceramics classes, a preview of artwork done by Boon Design exclusively for p+p.

Oh right, and I demonstrated how to saber a bottle of champers as part of the Skill Exchange at The Art of Fancy party put on by Makeshift Society, hosted at The Bold Italic (did you get all that? Heads up, there will be a pop quiz later). I was a touch nervous, if only because (1) I’d only sabered two bottles in my life before this demo and (2) I have a proclivity for social awkwardness. But my hamminess outweighed my shyness, and I made dirty jokes and gesticulated wildly and had fun doing the demo 6 times in a row. Someone even shot a video of my first demo of the evening, so you can spy my nervousness (and sweaty pits, ha! Told you I was nervous) here. Cute bowtie, right? All the Art of Fancy participants wore special ties made by Jenny of This Humble Abode, who demo’d how to tie a bowtie. Of course.

Other things I want to do before summer’s over: eat as much watermelon, peaches and cherries as I can; go on a long hike; make a terrarium; go camping. Nothing too crazy, but it’s surprising how difficult it can be to check little things off a wish list when one owns and works in a shop.

molly m for pot + pantry

Hot off the press laser cutter! A few weeks ago, I posted a teaser on Instagram about custom coasters and trivets I was working on. Well, they’re finally here! Molly of Molly M Designs and I collaborated on some designs and colors that are exclusive to Pot + Pantry. I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

Molly’s had her line of coasters for a little while now, but I thought it would be nice to have a matching trivet line since it’s surprisingly one of the more frequent requests I get at the shop. We met up and brainstormed and Ta-da! The results of our collaboration are the perfect mix of Molly+Donna. The design I’m calling *Mod Leaf* can only be found at p+p.

They are now available in the online shop here.

Molly’s jewelry and artwork is worth a close look as well. And maybe if you’re lucky, you can request a visit to her studio. It’s gorgeous and lovely and I want to live there.


the art of fancy

There’s a big shebang going down at The Bold Italic on August 15th from 6:30-8:30pm, put on by TBI along with my friends at Makeshift Society and Skill Exchange (what up, Kate!). It’s called The Art of Fancy, and it’s partly to celebrate the launch of Makeshift Society and partly just an excuse to have fun. There will be cocktails to sip and party tricks to learn. RSVP is required so make sure to get your free tickets before they run out!

Fun fact: Yours truly will demonstrate how to saber a champagne bottle!…even though I can’t drink worth a lick and don’t know how to open a bottle the normal way. But we’ll keep that between you and me.

Event details…

Join the fine folks at Makeshift SocietySkill Exchange, and The Bold Italic for a unique gathering of fancy and entertainment.

Hear from our curated panel of experts for tips and tricks to dazzle and delight during at your next social hour.  Presentations for the evening will be led by a handful of San Francisco’s bold entrepreneurs and creatives including: Donna Suh of Pot + Pantry, Jenny Rinzler from This Humble Abode, lifestyle blogger Genevieve Brazelton, floral designer Natalie Bowen to name a few. You will learn how to saber a champagne bottle, the art of tying a bow-tie, do-it-yourself cocktail bitters, how to craft elegant flower arrangements from corner store bouquets — and more surprises.

This event is 21+.