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case of the mondays

I suffered a bout of the Mondays today, which at one point included locking myself out of the shop. So dumb. Woe is me and my little pea brain.

In order to cheer myself up and gain back my sanity, I’ll share with you my happy place. These days, it’s the memory of my first time going berry picking this past Memorial Day. That was already almost a month ago! I cherish these national holidays when I get to join the rest of society and close up shop. Berry picking has been on my to-do list for a while now, so we took a trip down to Phipps Country Store and Farm in Pescadero. It was my first time visiting that town, and the rest of that day was filled with a bunch of other “firsts,” too.

Like, I fed a donkey. And then tried to kiss it.

I picked my first berry! Look at this tiny, beautiful little baby.

Now I can’t lie, berry picking is some backbreaking business right there. It was a lot of this:

And even though it was overcast and a cool 60 degrees, all that crouching and kneeling had me sweating. But, I dunno, I sweat kind of a lot anyway, so there’s that. TMI? What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t realize it’s such hard physical work, and I have a huge respect for farm labor. I will never again poo poo the cost of organic, local berries.

Look at all the berries I picked! I was so proud of myself.

After Phipp’s farm, we went to this goat cheese creamery nearby. These little guys were really cute.

After the long day of berry-picking and goat-gazing, I made ice cream (another first for me!) and brought it to a barbecue. I made this Mint Chip recipe and I did pretty good, if I say so myself. I also made Tartine-inspired cocoa nib meringues with all the leftover egg whites. Some of them looked more doodoo-shaped then I intended, but they still tasted ok.

And this, folks, is my current happy place. I feel so much better now! ^^

craftsman & wolves trunk show recap

As Craftsman & Wolves readies to open its doors this Saturday, I thought I’d share these photos from their trunk show we hosted here a few weeks ago.

We made the bold decision to start the trunk show at 7am that day, and lo and behold, we had people lining up at 6:55am. Our very first customers of the day, below left. I wish I had engraved trophies to give them, what troopers! And there was a steady stream of people throughout the rest of the day, one of whom was the always charming Sean (below right).

I thought William might be one of those diva chefs who can’t be bothered to do any actual cooking or baking, but here he was in our dinky kitchenette, getting his hands dirty and making hot beverages to order. The hot chocolate came topped with the cutest tiniest marshmallows I’ve ever seen (or eaten). Violet, mmmm.

A sample of what’s in store at their new patisserie: scones and croissants…

…The Devil Inside (chocolate cake with foie gras, caramel and toffee)…of course, available only until July 1st…

…and the best bread ever, merchandised so perfectly in my prop O’Keefe and Merritt vintage oven.

William did all the merchandising, by the way. I loved how he staged the tiny Le Creuset Pie Bird alongside my chalk drawing. Cute.

Five minutes after closing at 7pm, a gent from Chicago came begging William to sell him treats, as his wife had sent him on a specific mission to bring some back for her. Everything had already been packed up by that point, but desperate times called for desperate measures and William, being the hero he is, threw the guy a bone and dealt pastries out of the back of his truck.

I’m so happy that William wanted to partner with me to host his trunk show at Pot + Pantry. It was a great event! And yes, I made him pose for this picture.

Craftsman & Wolves is opening this Saturday, June 16th, at 746 Valencia @ 18th.

town cutler father’s day event

Father’s Day is around the corner!

And Galen Garretson of Town Cutler is here to save you. On Sunday, June 10, from 12-3pm, Galen will set up shop within Pot + Pantry and have an assortment of “cutting edge” knives (sorry, I had to), whetstones and knife accessories available for purchase. He will also perform knife sharpening demos throughout the day to show you the dos and don’ts of knife maintenance. He’s a knife savant! Ask him anything, and if you stump him, I’ll give you a free high five with purchase (value $0.02). Worth it!

Hope to see you then!