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I was feeling in need of some inspiration after the Seinfood show came down. Where better to get it than from the glorious Julia Child? I started reading her more famous quotes and decided to share my two favorites with the world.

Man, I love her.

There are a few seats still left in our second workshop this Wednesday with Red Circle Tea. It’s an advanced tea class to cover brewing methods and talk about the different regions whence the teas come. I know there are a lot of tea smarty-pants out there, so sign up! Or drop in. Some snaps of our previous workshop with Red Circle Tea, stolen from Kate’s blog per the usual.

hello, march

It’s been so long since I’ve written a real blog post, I think I forgot how to do this. I’ve been a bit behind in writing updates about our skill exchanges and events and other store news, and it’s totally lame of me. But sometimes real life gets in the way of these things, and I haven’t had my head on straight lately, guys. I’m trying though, I really am.

In Skill Exchange news, the lovely and talented and MENSA-level genius Kate Koeppel has updated and designed a new flyer to include the latest and greatest.

The newest addition: Sharon Ardiana of Gialina and Ragazza is going to teach a class! No joke, I got really hungry just writing that. I’m going to have to visit one both of her restaurants to prep for her classin the name of research, of course. And in typical MPK + P+P fashion, this is not the final-final list; there will be one or two more additions to our list of workshop instructors (I know we keep saying that!), so stay tuned.

I also finally (finally!) added a few things to the online shop. Only took me, oh, four months. Not a ton of things added, mind you, just some of my favorite new-old things that have come into my possession recently.

One of the new-new products we’ve gotten in is these pretty little granite “climate control” cubes from SPARQ. Made in the USA! I wish more kitchen items were made here.

What else. Seinfood by Rinee Shah is a huge hit, y’all. HUGE. We’re down to 4 available framed works still available for purchase, although all 20 are still up in the shop through March 10th for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Dwell, Apartment Therapy, Egotist, ABC7, Refinery29, Flavorpill, DailyCandy, Mission Mission and tons of others for spreading the word.

Coming soon: a collaboration with Stitch & Hammer. Here’s a peek from Amy’s Instagram feed. We’re excited!