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Rinee Shah, Snickers

It’s Seinfood, not Steinfood!

Tonight! Come to the shop for the opening reception of Rinee Shah’s Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing. We’ll have Seinfeld-themed treats to nosh on, so bring your friends to check out some hilarious work and gab about your favorite episodes from days of yore. Bonus: Come dressed as your favorite character and you’ll get a high-five from me (Value: $0.04).

If you miss the reception tonight, Rinee’s work will be up until March 10. Serenity now! Hoochie mama!

diary of a window change

Window dressing is one of the more fun parts of owning a shop. Natalie and Jenny of Natalie Bowen Designs came by yesterday morning to do my windows up in preparation for their pop-up on Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty dumb with flowers so I was pretty useless, so instead of helping them all I did was take some Instagram shots of the action.

RIP Cookware piñatas, Jan 1-31, 2012

Natalie doing her thang

Jenny doing her thang

Me doing my thang (i.e. being useless and hammy)

It is what you think it is.

The finished windows care of Natalie Bowen Designs.