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get some skillz

I'm tempted to ask Kate to rename this thing the Skillz Xchange. Good idea or great idea?

I spilled most of the beans in my newsletter last week, but tah-dah! Kate and I present to you the Skill Exchange Round II. We're waiting to confirm things with just a few more Skill Exchange partners, but we've Kate's gone ahead and added the majority of them to our Eventbrite page so you can take note. We've got firm dates and times with Red Circle Tea, Town Cutler, Urban Veggie Starts, INNA jam, Revival Bar + Kitchen, and Sidesaddle Kitchen. And have I mentioned there will be a few more workshops? Because there will be more, I'm not sure if I said that. Just a friendly reminder, you can subscribe to our Eventbrite RSS feed to automatically get updates, and tickets for each event are available 2 weeks before the date of the class.

We've switched things up a touch this time around, all for the better, of course. After the last round of workshops came to a close, Kate conducted a survey to find out from attendees how we could improve things. A lot of the feedback had to do with our small class size and how people wished we had more room per class. Kate and I talked about how we could remedy this, and…well, I'm swiping this next bit from Kate's blog, since it's the end of a long day and I can't muster the brainpower to state it as nicely as she has:

In response to the popularity of our events, and our small workshop size, we have decided to institute a $10 ticket reservation fee. Offering skills through free workshops has always been an essential part of this project, since we believe very strongly that these skills are valuable, and should be available to everyone.

This $10 ticket reservation fee doesn't mean we're changing our free workshop model, but we are working hard to ensure that we are able to serve as many people as possible. The goal of this fee is to cut down on no-shows, and late cancellations, to ensure that our classes are comfortably full and we can share these workshops with as many participants as possible. There is nothing sadder than a waiting list full of people, and a class only 2/3 full.

This $10 fee is fully refundable when you attend the workshops. Simply pay the $10 ticket reservation fee on Eventbrite, then check in at the workshop, and you'll be refunded online within 24 hours. No-shows, and late cancellations will unfortunately not be refunded. Yep! We're calling any no-shows "kind investors" in our project, and we'll put that money towards supporting our workshops with printing and other costs associated with giving valuable things away for free.

Every workshop listing on Eventbrite will now include all the details about our policy change, including an explanation on how to get your refund, so this will hopefully be an easy transition for everyone.

Pretty painless, right? Kate and I are really excited about this new series. It's going to be good.

january newsletter

I sent out our winter event bulletin! For those who don’t subscribe to my newsletter, here it is, copied and pasted.

Greetings and happy 2012, friends.

I’ve spent the better part of this year (sounds more dramatic) doing three things: (1) combating post-holiday bloat, (2) planning store events, and (3) sourcing new merchandise. I’ll spare you the details of my war on excess water weight, but the good news is I’m ready to share some cool events with you!

Our events chalkboard at the shop. Excuse the bossy tone.

+ Upcoming Events +


Saturday, January 28

Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free (Not Gross) Breakfast Class with Sidesaddle Kitchen

9-11AM, $35 

I don’t know about you, but every person I know has recently committed to juicing, or smoothie-ing, or maple syrup-ing or whatever to kickstart their healthy new lifestyles (note: I’m guilty of drinking lots of green juice these days, too. Fie on you, fleeting youth!). We should all take this class from Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen to learn how to make delicious recipes for healthy, nutritious breakfasts. After all, Laura is SF’s Newest Raw Foodie Darling–and, yes, you must call her that because, no, she won’t answer to anything else anymore. Read more and sign up for the class here.


Tuesday, February 14

Valentine’s Day Pop-Up with Natalie Bowen Floral Designs


Valentine’s Day, ugh, am I right? Just kidding. I’m all for celebrating love–I’m a hippie at heart, so sue me. Thankfully, Natalie Bowen Designs will be here to help lovers of love express their, uh, love with a pop-up shop at Pot + Pantry. For the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Natalie and team will take over my windows so you can check out their floral wizardry. Then on the actual holiday from 12-7p on February 14th, visit the pop-up to choose from a range of readymade floral arrangements, or pre-order your own special arrangement and pick it up at the store (thus skipping the delivery fee). Get some! And then get some.


Thursday, February 16

Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing by Rinee Shah

7-9PM, Opening Reception

This one almost needs no introduction. Local art director, designer and illustrator Rinee Shah will unveil new work artfully depicting the various foods that have graced Seinfeld. All I can say is, if there is a piece on “these pretzels are making me thirsty!” you might have to fight me for it. Join us for the opening reception where we’ll have snacks and drinks, and if you’re lucky I’ll wear my puffy shirt. It should be a ton of silly old-fashioned fun. Rinee’s work will be up from February 16 through March 10.


Dates TBA

Winter Skill Exchange Workshops presented by Mi Piace Kate Design x Pot + Pantry

And lest you think we forgot, our next round of free workshops for the Skill Exchange is *this* close to being confirmed. You guys, I am so excited about our lineup, you can consider me the fourth Pointer sister (I just dated myself, didn’t I). In addition to follow-up workshops by Sightglass CoffeeTown CutlerUrban Veggie Starts, and Revival Bar + Kitchen, we’re also adding INNA jam,Almanac BeerNamu, and Red Circle Tea to our slate of instructors, plus more TBA. We’ve taken all your feedback to heart (Note: thank you to those of you who completed our survey!) and we’ll be making some changes to offer an even better Skill Exchange experience. More details on all of this as soon as the schedule is penned in our calendars..


That about wraps it up for now. As always, thanks for your support!



hello, january

I hope you had – and are still having – a happy new year. I can’t say that I’ve fully recovered from the holidays yet. For some reason, I thought going to LA to visit family for a few days would relax me? No no no, wrong, I was wrong. It wasn’t relaxing in the slightest, but it was fun anyway.

We celebrated Christmas in my sister’s new home. She made a stocking for everyone, including my dog (Bbo-Bbo). She also made it no secret that she was a little more excited to see my dog than me, she loves that dog so much!

But, I guess, who can blame her.

The women in the family sat and made some mandu. Here’s a “before” shot. There is no “after” shot because I forgot to take one.

Then came quality time with the family decorating cookies. Per our annual tradition, we take bright icing and draw swimsuits on the gingerbread people, or sometimes draw them nude with their bits hanging out (picture not shown). I’m sure that’s totally normal and that all families do this.

And, of course, a holiday is not a holiday without homemade dduk guk.

That was the end of my Christmas, and it was back up to SF for new year’s eve. We celebrated in our typical fashion, which was by staying in and watching the LOTR trilogy. We’re party animals, I know! The next day, we hit the beach and then I made this noodle salad. It was a great start to the year – acorn noodles (my favorite!), veggies from our CSA box, pomegranate seeds, and my mom’s kick ass salad dressing. It was my first effort to fulfill my new year’s resolution (holla!).

In addition to the salad dressing, my mom asked me if there were any other foods I was craving that she could make for me to bring back up here. I mentioned that I like her pickles, and lo and behold:

TWO GALLONS of daikon, jalapeño, and onion pickles. I drove from LA to SF with two gallons of pickles in my car. Ah, moms and how they express their love.

Back at the shop, I was kind of at a loss for ideas for a new window display, but ultimately landed on the crazy idea to make piñatas shaped like Le Creuset and Calphalon cookware. Laura and I got to it and 18 hours later (yea that’s right, eighteen hours later) we had this:

Photo by Laura Miller

Good times.

I haven’t had a chance to reflect on 2011 yet, although when I do, I surely won’t do that here since that would be boring. But, as Pot + Pantry crawls further into year two of existence, I do want to say thanks to all the incredibly supportive people who’ve made it a point to let me know they want the shop to succeed. I can’t deny that these are scary times to be owning a small business, but the effort people made to shop local this past holiday is appreciated so much more than I can articulate. So, thank you.

Cheers to the new year, gang! We’ve got a lot up our sleeves for the next few months, and I can’t wait to share them with you all soon.