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go time

“Work Hard” by Anthony Burrill

The 22nd Street shop is officially closed for biznazz. I feel weird. And even though it seems stupid to feel overwhelmed at the idea of packing up a 180-sq-ft shop, I am that, too. Perhaps that’s because I have two million things on my to-do list for the new space? Something like that. But even though saying that makes me sound like a stressed out downer, mixed in with all these feelings of weirdness and anxiety is also a heart-pounding dose of crazy excitement for what lies ahead of me at Guerrero Street. I am running on pure adrenaline.

Adding to my excitement is my new contributor role for Rena Tom’s blog. My series is called “So You Think You Can Shopkeep” and my first post was published yesterday. Go read it! I have yet to dive into the meaty stuff, but my intro gives you an idea of what’s in store (pun totally not intended, but I love it!). I have to say, meeting awesome people like Rena is a major, major perk of doing what I’m doing.

I may not have many updates as I scramble around to get my poop together, but soon, very soon, I will announce the date of my re-opening/1-year anniversary party. Eek!

sightglass home brewing workshop

They’re laughing with me!

Part deux of our Skill Exchange with Mi Piace Kate Design happened this past Saturday. Our last one before the big moveSightglass Coffee’s Archie was a most engaging instructor, and props to him for grinning through the unseasonably warm day to brew 5 different types of hot coffee for us pupils. He went through common mistakes home brewers might be making that would negatively affect the taste of their coffees, including using water that’s not hot enough and grinding beans too finely or coarsely. No attitude, no judgment – just helpful Q&A and silly (albeit unintentional) joke-making. Good times. All photos are courtesy of the lovely Miss Kate. I need to stop being a lame-o and remember to bring my own camera with me next time!

Our next installment of the Skill Exchange Chronicles is going to be with Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen, a producer of “vegan, raw, not gross” desserts (her words!). I’m no vegan, but I’m actually pretty stoked after watching her totally charming introduction video. Girl crush alert! Her workshop will be on Saturday, November 19, and while tickets aren’t available yet, they will be soon enough on November 4th at 10am.

workshop pics + a giveaway

Kate posted some photos of our workshop with Urban Veggie Starts last week, featuring our small and attentive group of aspiring gardeners. It was a little bit jury-rigged in the sense that we dragged a table outdoors to escape the oppressive heat inside the shop, only to battle the sound of cars passing by on the street. Oopsie. Yet another reason I’m excited to move the shop to a bigger space where we can soon do these workshops indoors – and comfortably (*gasp*)! Thanks to all the attendees of our first ever workshop for being patient and totally awesome. I’d love to see pics of your new gardens, so send them my way, please!

Our next workshop (and the last one to take place at 3412 22nd Street before the big move!) is going to be this Saturday, October 22nd, from 12-2p with Archie of Sightglass Coffee. He’ll be demo’ing, step by step, the process of proper home brewing. The class is “sold out,” but we had such a demand for it that we’re adding one spot to give away! Follow Pot + Pantry on Twitter for the ticket giveaway, which will happen tomorrow!


busy bee

It’s been a busy week. Really, really busy. We had our first Skill Exchange last night with Urban Veggie Starts which was super fun. The evening was so unusually warm, so we set up the gardening demo outside on the sidewalk and had our small group gather around. And everyone left with a pack of lettuce seeds to get them started! Genius that I am, I forgot my camera, so I’ll wait til Kate posts hers and swipe them from her blog. ^^

In other news, I’ll now be a regular contributor to Rena Tom’s blog, in addition to five other fine business ladies! I’m excited to lend my “expertise” (yes, that’s a joke) on opening and operating a brick and mortar shop. It’ll of course all be based on my own personal experiences which, hopefully, others will find useful, too. If any of you are thinking of opening a shop and have specific things you’d like to see covered, shoot me an email and I’ll make it happen!

Also, it’s Friday. Hooray! Have a great weekend!


Major boo boo in my previous post, which is now edited so the links actually take you where they should. Sorry about that, folks! Looks like our Sightglass class is now “sold out” in addition to our workshop with Urban Veggie Starts, but more of our other sessions are now listed on our Eventbrite page. Tickets for each upcoming workshop will become available about 2 weeks before the workshop date, so Kate’s brilliant suggestion was to subscribe to our Eventbrite RSS feed so you can reserve your tickets as soon as they are opened up.

Kate and I are both thrilled with the incredible enthusiasm people have shown for the Skill Exhange series. Many thanks to Refinery29 and CRAFT Magazine for their writeups and support!

skill exchange lineup!

I’m headed to San Diego this weekend, so I’m being lazy and re-posting from Kate’s blog. Check out our extended calendar below!

Urban Veggie Starts SOLD OUT!

A Beginner’s guide to winter container gardening

October 13th 6-8PM

Sightglass Coffee  Tickets still available! SOLD OUT!

Home coffee brewing with Sightglass Coffee

October 22nd 12-2PM

Sidesaddle Kitchen Tickets available soon

The non-hippie guide to raw vegan desserts

November 19th 12-2PM

Town Cutler  Tickets available soon

Knife sharpening with Town Cutler

December 1st 7-8PM

Fire Escape Farms  Tickets available soon

Herbs 101

December 3rd 12-2PM

Pastoral Plate  Tickets available soon

December 15th 6-8PM


teach, share, learn, make (& eat)

Finally, it’s here – the Fall lineup for our Skill Exchange, courtesy of Mi Piace Kate Design and Pot + Pantry!

Urban Veggie Starts will kick things off on October 13th with a beginner’s guide to winter gardening. Then, on October 22nd, Sightglass Coffee will conduct a workshop on home coffee brewing. We also have upcoming workshops with Fire Escape Farms, Pastoral Plate, Town Cutler, Sidesaddle Kitchen, Urban Preserves, Eatwell Farm, and Revival Bar+Kitchen (say that 10x fast). A complete schedule will be posted soon!

Each class is going to be small, because the store is small, but what that means is each attendee will really be able to get hands-on. We’ll have somewhere between 10-15 people per class, and we’re expecting them to fill up quickly because (1) our lineup is awesome and (2) they’re free! I haven’t even gotten to the coolest part — Victoria aka SFGirlbyBay is giving away 2 spots to our first class with Urban Veggie Starts!! So leave a comment on her post for a chance to snag a spot for you and a friend. Our Eventbrite tickets will open up shortly as well!

And in case you’re unfamiliar with what our Skill Exchanges are all about, read on:

Skill-exchange workshops this fall at Pot+Pantry

Mi Piace Kate Design is collaborating with kitchen boutique Pot + Pantry to host a series of free skill-exchange workshops, presented by local makers, chefs, gardeners, bakers, foodies and farmers. We’re enthusiastic about making things by hand, but we know handcrafting skills are often undervalued and under practiced. We hope to change that by inspiring our community to use their hands, and learn new kitchen skills in a fun, social setting.

From baking, brewing and cooking techniques to urban gardening, join us and learn more through our demonstrations, tastings and good conversation at Pot + Pantry. Expect Bay Area artisans and entrepreneurs from Sightglass Coffee, Eatwell Farms, Pastoral Plate, Revival Bar + Kitchen, Fire Escape Farms, Town Cutler, Urban Veggie Starts, plus many more.

All workshops are free, but space is limited. Tickets for each workshop will be available through

Read more: Mi Piace Kate Design