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Í_ plus tard

It’ll be quiet on my end for a little while, although I’m sure I’ll pop in every so often over the next three weeks. I’ll have some big news to share after I get back…very exciting! And, no, I’m not pregnant. :)

As a reminder, the shop will be open on weekends so peep our limited hours before stopping by the store. Au revoir!

Image from here.

a cool new collabo

Announcement! This fall, Mi Piace Kate Design and Pot + Pantry are taking a cue from the stars of hip hop and bringing you a new collaboration.

Kate Koeppel, of Mi Piace Kate Design, is partnering with me to offer collaborative skill exchange opportunities. Participants will learn new kitchen and making skills through workshops, demonstrations and tastings taught by local makers, crafters, chefs and gardeners. Our lineup of workshops is getting exciting… over the next few weeks we’ll start sharing the schedule on both the Pot + Pantry blog and on Kate’s.

The workshops will begin in the fall, but if you have a kitchen, garden, cooking or making skill in mind that you’d like to learn, stop in at the shop and post a note on our skill exchange board.

We’re taking suggestions, as well as looking for skilled makers to share their techniques and skills. If you have a skill you’d like to teach, or learn feel free to email Kate at to start a conversation.

Come eat, make, share and learn with MPK and Pot + Pantry!

All photos courtesy of Miss Kate

counting down

Cut paper Paris map here

In one week’s time, I’ll be walking around in warm (maybe even hot!) weather, eating fistfuls of macarons and getting overloaded in inspiration…because I’ll be in Paris! I’m beside myself with excitement.

Because I’ll be out of town, and because I run a small tiny business, the hours of operation at the shop will be quite limited from August 27 through September 16. So be sure to check the “About Us” page for our hours before stopping by during that time. Buying appointments will be put on hold until I return mid-September.

Paris, oui oui! The countdown begins.

it was a nice try

I thought I’d share what that coconut lime cake I planned to make a few weeks ago ended up becoming.

Here’s what happened:

First, I had no limes. So I used lemons.

Then I forgot to buy shredded coconut.

And then I realized I had no sugar. So I used agave nectar.

I followed a vegan coconut lemon cake recipe (it looked the easiest/fastest)…to which I added an egg. And then I baked it.

So no surprise when the cake came out tasting just barely OK. I deemed it a bread, and not a cake, for lack of sweetness. It sat there more or less untouched for the better part of two days before I decided to do one last thing to it to make it more exciting. I turned it into bread pudding.

Et voilà! Delicious eggy warm toasty mildly sweet lemony bread pudding. Even better with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Too bad I’m still craving a coconut lime cake. To be continued.

blog love

I’ve been quiet, but busy. I got in some goods this week that I’m planning to have online by Monday, along with some other awesomely vintage linens. So hold them horses. It will be worth it, I think.

It’s been a feel-good week for me, especially in terms of having some really sweet bloggers write about the shop – including one from Georgia! Pam from Sweet Peach Blog came by the shop a little while ago when she was in the city visiting her best friend (and one of my nicest customers). Her blog covers the best and brightest design offerings from the South, and she has a really unique point of view (sidenote: I just discovered Mooks because of Sweet Peach. A “mook” with a rhino mask? No, no, it’s too much. I’m too in love with them already.). I feel very special that she ventured out of her usual Southern design-centric topics to write about Pot + Pantry way out here in SF. Read her post here.

Pic swiped from Sweet Peach

As I was clicking around on the Sweet Peach site, I came to Pam’s house tour on Piewacket and I was flabbergasted that she liked my shop because her home is amazing. Amazing. F-ing amazing. My shop looks like a hobo supplies store compared to her home, I can’t believe she found it blogworthy. Listen, the woman has a full sized bed swing on her sleeping porch. I’ve lived in SF too long to know what a sleeping porch is, but that’s not stopping me from wanting one.

I can’t believe someone I’ve met lives here. This is a real person’s bed swing! 

And this? Also in her home.

How much taste is one person allowed to have? It’s not fair.

So yeah, wow, I’m totally flattered to be featured on Sweet Peach. Thanks for your post, Pam. :)

And! Earlier this week, the lovely Shaunna of The Collection Event Studio in Sonoma did a little Q&A with me after attending the FARMcurious pop-up party a few weeks ago. Read it here!

And! Hollin, who’s a friend of Anna’s, was in town for Renegade Craft SF and took some really nice photos of the shop while she was here. Which isn’t surprising since she is a photographer (heh). You can see her post on P+P here, and more of her gorgeous photography here.

Thanks, Pam, Shaunna and Hollin!

random bits

This weekend was crazayzay. You’ll notice from the appearance of the online shop that a lot of my inventory got cleaned out. Yikes! This is totally awesome (thank you, customers, for shopping!), and also means that I will need to hustle to add more, more, more products soon. But, not today. Because today is my day off and my brain hurts. Although, my new resolution to cut back on (and ultimately quit) drinking coffee probably has something to do with that.

Since this caffeine withdrawal renders me pretty useless for the moment, I thought I’d share with you a website called They Draw & Cook which I got wind of from one of Rena’s tweets. It’s a website of illustrated recipes submitted by various professional and amateur artists. I’m particularly charmed by the recipes from Emilia Dziubak (images below are linked).

Watermelon soup sounds pretty refreshing and tasty, doesn’t it? I bet it’d be pretty amazing churned through an ice cream machine, too.

my weekend plans

The weekend is here! My weekends are spent working at the store, but I get excited for them anyway. ^^ Gonna keep it low-key since the weather is expected to stay gloomy and doomy. Some things on my to-do list:

1. Make this cake. I’m going to make it extra limey.

2. Finish reading this book, which I’m liking a lot, but taking forever to read.

I think internet usage has really impaired my ability to read books, by the way. I used to read voraciously as a kid. I’d stay up late way past my bedtime to read books by flashlight. I even used to take books in the shower with me (I put them in giant Ziploc freezer bags, what what). But nowadays it takes me a long time to get through a single chapter of anything and it’s frustrating. It’s something I need to work on.

Anyway…where was I.

3. Go to this conference. I’m only attending the Sunday sessions, but I’m also going to the meet and greet event tonight because tacos (yes, that’s my reason). I’m shy and I usually avoid networking events, so food tables are refuges for introverted types like me. I can’t talk to people if my mouth is full, right?

Tonight at the mixer, I’ll also be meeting up with an acquaintance from high school whom I probably haven’t seen in 12 years. Crazytown!

Overall, 1+2+3 should = a pretty solid weekend. Hope yours is good, too.

PS – OMG it’s August! Seriously, where does the time go?!