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quick quick

Just popping in to say thanks to {Rena Tom} for profiling me as part of her {Startup Stories} series on her blog! I have to admit that I hadn’t really stopped to think about what I’ve learned from my startup experience until she asked me those questions, so it was good to pause a minute and ruminate on my “learnings” (or, basically, my mistakes). I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Pot + Pantry was included on {Aida Mollenkamp’s} list of her {favorite Mission spots} on her blog last week! Pretty dang cool!

best of the city

Yup, your girl’s wee little shop here was chosen by {7×7} for their “Best of the City” list of places to eat, drink, shop and more in their June issue (click the pic to enlarge).

7×7 June 2011, p. 67!

Aside from winning my class spelling bee in the second grade, I’ve never been particularly good at anything, so being associated with a “Best of” list is totally foreign and totally awesome to me. Thanks, 7×7!

meat madness

What a weekend! I slept 10 hours last night and I’m only partially recovered from Friday’s opening of Alyson Thomas’ Meat Market art show. It’s funny now to think that on Friday at 5:55pm, Alyson and I were nervously staring at each other saying, “I think for sure 30 people will come, maybe 35, but definitely 30 people, I dunno,” when, by the time 8pm rolled around, we’d both lost count at around 100 attendees. Insanity, especially when the shop is only big enough to comfortably fit, like, 6 people at a time. I think it’s safe to say that “meat art,” as niche as it seems, has a very strong following. And now I will stop with the words and show you pictures of amazingness.

The shop window

A visit to P+P to see the titles of the 4 pieces on the left is in order.

4505 chicharrones, Alyson’s homemade bacon caramel corn, my homemade “bacon” sugar cookies


A glamour shot of my cookies served on a {pig cutting board}, of course. Instructions for the cookies are at {Eleventy}.

Kai of Nosh This dealing his bacon crack

I’m a ham, I can’t deny it.

The artist Alyson in the eye of the storm

I just realized I didn’t get any photos of the {TomKat} food truck that was parked further up the street. Oops! Their {menu} for the evening was delicious. I recommend hunting down their truck to get a taste.

Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks for all the press, and thanks to Alyson and Steve (the Drywell duo) for a dynamite event! Alyson’s artwork is up in the shop until Friday, May 27.

happy friday (or, i’m so excited)

We made it! The weekend is here, y’all. I’m super excited today for a couple of reasons… First, the Meat Market! The Meat Market!! I’m plugging the hell out of this thing, but it’s going to be so fun! Better yet, there’s more artiness and foodification (I’m making up words, I’m so excited) going on at {Fabric8} down the street for their opening of {Spring For Word}. So take a stroll down 22nd Street this evening and say hi to us both. Second! I can’t believe how totally oblivious I am sometimes, but my new penpal and neighbor Anne – aka {The City Sage} aka Executive Editor of {Rue Magazine} – clued me in to the fact that Pot + Pantry is mentioned in this month’s {C Magazine}. Say what? To borrow a phrase from Drywell’s Alyson, this is “crazypants.” I’m beside myself!

Turn to page 80!

Speaking of my neighbor Anne, things brings me to the third reason I’m excited today. She just put up the sweetest blog post about {Mother’s Day in the kitchen} and mentioned Pot + Pantry! I love how food, cooking and family memories are all tied together, and her post is a nice reminder of that. Thank you, Anne, and thank you, C Magazine, for showing some love for my shop!

On that note, have a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

t minus 1 day til meat market opens!

Hey, friends! Happy cinco de mayo!

Use Every Part, one of the new pieces!

One more day til the opening of Meat Market: Art Show for Carnivores by Alyson Thomas, can you stand it?? We’ve confirmed the appearance of the TomKat food truck and Nosh This cart, who’ll both be on hand selling their delicious food. We’ll have some free drinks and snacks, too – the artiste herself is bringing homemade bacon caramel corn and providing 4505 chicharrones (did you expect anything else from a meat artist?), and there will be other pig-inspired treats. It’ll be going on from 6-9p, so swing by to see some witty meat art and give Alyson a high-five. Thanks much to {SFoodie}, {Thrillist} and {Daily Candy} for mentioning the event! I’m slacking on posting pictures from the Tea Workshop with Jenny from this past Sunday, but I’ll post those soon. Thanks to everyone who came out for that as well!