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the latest and greatest

Anyone who’s visited the shop has probably heard me say that I love all my merchandise as if they’re my children. They’re all special to me, I can’t pick a favorite, and OK, I get a little bit sad when a particularly unique piece goes home with a new owner. Reading that over, I realize I may have some deep issues tied to all this, but – glossing over that for now – I currently do have a few new items that I’m a smidge more excited about than others at the moment. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly of {eat make read} while she was out here visiting from New York. She stopped by the store and gifted me a copy of her magazine, {Remedy Quarterly}, which I promptly devoured (figuratively, silly!) and immediately picked up to carry in the shop online and in-store. The mission: “RQ is an independently published magazine of food stories with recipes at the heart. We love that food is a common language and drew inspiration from community cookbooks. While some of the recipes in Remedy are delicious, we’ve also got some that make better (and funnier!) memories than meals.” The fourth issue, which is what I have in stock, offers stories of celebration and it’s really something special.

In terms of edibles, I’m so excited that I’m now carrying a small selection of {cocoa} chocolates. These brilliantly tempered paves of dark chocolate (70%) make for a sophisticated treat, and they’d be pretty perfect as a mother’s day gift. You can pick up 16-pc boxes of Natural or Rose scented chocolates at the shop.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, only 5 more days until our walk-in custom tea-blending workshop!

thirty came early

My 30th (30th!) birthday still isn’t for a couple weeks (waaaah), but my husband threw me an early surprise birthday party this past weekend to really…surprise me, I guess. And it worked! I’d known he was up to something, but it never crossed my mind that it was for my birthday because *why* would he make me celebrate my 30th before I absolutely had to? Because he’s evil, basically.

 Yup, we’re that couple who plans {surprise birthdays for each other}, simultaneously.

After the initial resentment of being forced to prematurely celebrate my 30th (I’m being a brat about it, and I’m not sorry), I looked around me and felt so happy that my various circles of friends came out for me. To match the great company, husband ordered catering from {Namu}, one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and my birthday cake from {Pinkie’s Bakery}. I ate as much as I could and then some, since I’m expecting my metabolism to come to a screeching halt any second now.

And now, I dare say I’m actually a little, teeny tiny bit, excited about the coming year. Very excited. :)

pot + pantry newsletter no.1

I sent out my {first newsletter} on Friday! You can click on that link to see the full text, but I’ve pasted the details about some exciting events coming up below. Sunday, May 1st, 11-3p Tea Workshop with Jenny Rinzler of This Humble Abode

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 8th, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift! Luckily for us, Jenny Rinzler from This Humble Abode will be in the store on Sunday, May 1st, to host a tea workshop where you can create your own custom tea blends for your mom (or yourself). Jenny will have a station set up from 11-3p so you can walk in any time, blend your tea and personalize a box. She’ll even ship it for you! It’s the perfect gift for the mom who has everything, or loves tea, or just loves you and anything you do/make. We’ll also have some drinks and edibles for you to snack on as you blend. Friday, May 6th, evening Meat Market Art Show presented by Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art

The lovely and talented Alyson of Drywell Art will be having her FIRST solo art show at Pot + Pantry the evening of Friday, May 6! As a purveyor of some of her art prints, I blogged about Drywell Art in the past, but you probably recognize her signature butchery-inspired artwork from write-ups in the San Francisco Chronicle and Thrillist. Alyson’s promised to exhibit all-new, all-original artwork for the show so you’ll have first dibs at one-of-a-kind originals and free bragging rights for life. Details will be coming soon, but mark your calendars now because this is gonna be good. We will, of course, have drinks and edibles for the event. By the way, Alyson is looking for a creative cake-maker to make her a special cake for the event. Any recommendations?

food & wine

You guys.

May 2011 issue of Food & Wine magazine, p. 54

I’ve been staring at this for the past two days, and I still can’t believe it. This little shop of mine was included in {Food & Wine’s 2011 Go List for San Francisco}. Do you see that? Unreal.

I remember when Jan Newberry came into the store in late November last year, about 3 weeks after I first opened my doors. The weather was really crappy that day with lots of rain and wind, and I had virtually no customers. It was one of those slow days early on that made me doubt I could do this, made me wonder if this was all just a really bad idea, that maybe I had made a mistake. And then in walked Jan, just as I was thinking about closing early for the day. In all honesty, I didn’t recognize her, but man, was I happy to have someone walk in the door. When she told me who she was and that she was working on Food & Wine’s 2011 Go List, I remember being stunned into open-mouthed silence that she was considering including my store (my store??) on that list. But, more than that, I remember being intensely nervous that Pot + Pantry wouldn’t even make it til May 2011 at all. Five months seemed like a very long time away.

The time has passed both really quickly and really slowly, kind of how I imagine a dog year to feel. But I’m glad to say I’m still here and I’m chugging along, and seeing Pot + Pantry featured in Food & Wine is a pretty big f-ing deal for me. I’m really, really happy.